Bradford Botany Group

Tong Park Dam and Hawksworth Spring Wood, Baildon

28th June 2014



This was an evening walk, and seventeen of us, including three guests, gathered in the car park just beyond Baildon. Harry explained that we had to walk down the hill to get to the site we wanted to explore, so there was to be no lingering.


On the way there was talk of bee orchids and the various places where people had recently seen them, and a pause to look a dock leaves rendered to lace by the larvae of the green dock beetle.


White Bush Vetch

As the lake came into view at the bottom of the valley, we spread out and began recording. In the damp marshy area we found meadowsweet, marsh ragwort, reed canary grass, water forget-me-not, marsh bedstraw, reedmace, lesser spearwort, creeping thistle, and water pepper, confirmed by Andrew's tasting. Also plentiful were greater birds-foot trefoil and yellow rattle, betony just beginning to flower and a scattering of common spotted orchids. Down by the lake there was water figwort, not far from common figwort, and a few escaped cosmos.

Common Spotted Orchid

There wasn't time to go far into the wood, but just on the edge Harry found a hybrid campion that he had previously spotted there. It was grey warm evening and now a brief shower encouraged us to think of returning, but our botanising had not finished. Harry had a last surprise for us in the form of a white bush vetch, not far from the road near the cattle-grid. It was a nice end to a rewarding evening, during the course of which Andrew recorded about 150 plant species. Thank-you, Harry.