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Anyone needing further details or help with transport, please contact Kay the website administrator at


Parking at several sites is limited, so it makes sense to share cars wherever possible. Not only does this reduce travel costs, but it also reduces our carbon footprint.


It is essential that all participants take notice of the risk assessment and any health and safety advice offered.


Members are also reminded of the code of conduct regarding the picking of plant material. The golden rule should be “take the book or the expert to the plant” and not the other way round, especially where there are only a few specimens present. It should also be remembered that removal of plant material from nature reserves and SSSIs is illegal without the permission of both the land owner and Natural England. Any pre-planned scientific research into scarcer individual species or hybrids is also best approached through this route. Although a “common sense” approach is also required, removal of material for use as voucher specimens must only be carried out after approval by the leader.





Sat, 2nd April


The main objective of this visit is to see the purple saxifrage, which should be in flower. The visit will only go ahead in good weather, so please contact Alan or Neil the day before to confirm. The walk is steep, stony and difficult at times. It involves an ascent of 400m and a total distance of 10km, so will not be suitable for all our members.


10:30 am SD 808 726

Meet in the pay and display car park on the west side of the B6479 in Horton in Ribblesdale, approx. 9km north of Settle.

Sat, 23rd April


Joint Meeting with Doncaster Naturalists' Society

Unimproved neutral grassland by the River Nidd. The main attraction here is the wild tulip, although there is plenty to see besides, including wood anemone, cowslip and early purple orchid.

In the afternoon, we shall visit the YWT nature reserve at Staveley, a 15 minute drive from Cattal. A previous visit was in July, but in April, we should see a good range of early spring flowers. Easy walking at both sites, c.6km in total.



10:30 am SE 449 542

Cattal is c.12km east of Harrogate, and is easily reached via the A168, A59 or B1224. Meet by the benches on the village green (junction of Chapel Street and Ox Moor Lane) at the above GR. Parking in the village is very limited. The small car park/lay-by next to the traffic light just south of the bridge (SE 448 540) and the verge heading south from there is the best bet. Other possibilities include the pull-in on the south side of the road heading west out of Cattal ( Ox Moor Lane) near a small water works (SE 446 540), and some on-street parking on Cattal Street to the north (SE 449 543).


Sat, 7th May


At Askern, we shall visit an area of marshy grassland close to Shirley Pool (SSSI) and Rushy Moor Local Wildlife Site. An interesting range of plants should be seen.

After finishing at Askern, we shall move on to Owston Meadows, traditionally managed for hay. Species here include fritillary (may not be in flower), adder's tongue, cowslip, and false oxlip amongst a rich assemblage of plants. Easy walking at both sites.


1:30 pm SE 563 136

Meet in the free car park in Askern on Station Road, 100m to the east of the A19. It is situated behind Blades Barbers, at the above GR. There is a cafe and toilets in the park.


In the middle of the afternoon, we shall move on to Owston Park Lodge (just off the A19, SE 556 115) and leave cars there. After our second walk, we will regroup at 18:00 in the pub for our annual meal at 18:30.

Sat, 21st May


Two species-rich sites with an excellent range of lime-loving plants. Species we should see include early purple and green-winged orchids, small-leaved lime, common solomon’s-seal, sweet and dog violet plus much more. Easy walking, c.7km.



10:30 am SD 458 749

Go past Leighton Moss reserve and turn left at the junction for Silverdale. Alternatively, approach from Arnside and take the minor road past Arnside Tower. Go through Silverdale village and park at the shore car park c.500m to the SW.


Sat, 4th June


Joint Meeting with Doncaster Naturalists' Society

This will be the first visit by the BBG to this site. It is managed by Friends of Oakhill, and boasts a variety of different habitats, including ponds, large lakes, grassland, ditches and scrub woodland. There is a diverse flora, including bee, common spotted and southern marsh orchids. Easy walking, c.5-6 km.



10:30 am SE 728 232

Leave the M62 at Junction 36 and head towards Goole on the A614 ( Rawcliffe Road). At the traffic lights, turn right on to the A161 ( Anderson Road) and continue until the junction with Tom Pudding Way (new road, not shown on maps or Google). Turn right here, and follow for c.500m. The car park is on the left, just before the Tesco distribution centre.

Sat, 18th June


A c.7km circular walk from Grassington via Linton Falls, the River Wharfe and south to Hebden, returning via wild flower meadows. A good range of early summer flowers should include bird's-eye primrose, hybrid monkeyflower, shining crane's-bill, fool's watercress, great burnet and more.



10:30 am SE 003 637

Meet in the pay and display car park at the National Park Centre, slightly SE of Grassington on the B6265 towards Hebden.

Tues, 21st June


Although the primary reason for the visit is to see the colony of bee orchids, found here two years ago, there is plenty of other interest too. Self-seeded shrubs include firethorn, broad-leaved cockspur-thorn and several cotoneasters. There is also a good population of spiked sedge.


6:45 pm SE 160 346

Park on Valley Road, near the entrance gate, at the above GR, c.100m south of Queen's Road (A6177, ring road).

Thur, 23rd June - Mon, 27th June

(4 nights)



Details will be made available separately to those who have expressed interest.


Sun, 3rd July


Access to this private estate is notoriously difficult, and we are waiting for confirmation. Details to follow.



Weds, 6th July


This is a 7 acre site made up of woodland, grassland and pools next to the River Aire. Plants we may find include hemlock water-dropwort, green alkanet, teasel, meadow vetchling, fringecups and musk mallow. It is 6 years since our last visit, and the botanical interest may have further increased.


6:45 pm SE 162 386

Park by the roadside on Acorn Park, a cul-de-sac leading to small industrial units, at the above GR. This is just off the A6038 Shipley to Otley road at Baildon, a short distance from the Denson Marston factory entrance, on the south side of the road.

Sat, 16th July


A rich mixture of habitats including wetlands, fenland, marshy and calcareous grassland, scrub and woodland. Scarcer species include blunt-flowered rush, saw-wort, whorl-grass, water violet, fine-leaved water dropwort, bog pimpernel, pepper saxifrage, large thyme and autumn gentian.


10:30 am SE 302 751

From the Ripon ring road, take the A6108 towards West Tanfield and Masham. Follow for c.2.5km and then turn right into the tarmac road travelling across the MOD land. Follow the road round through the grazing pasture and park on the large frontage to Middle Parks Farm.

Fri, 22nd July


This visit is primarily intended as a recording event for VC 63. The survey area has some potentially interesting habitat, and includes grassland, hedgerows, a small area of woodland and canal-side. Easy walking, c.8km, along footpaths on the south side of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal.


10:30 am SD 911 531

From the A65 in Gargrave, take Church Street, then the first right into Marton Road (Masons Arms on the corner). Parking for about 6 cars by the roadside after c.2km, at the above GR. In view of the limited parking, members with spare seats should share cars if possible, meeting at 10:15 at the North St. car park in Gargrave (SD 933 543) where some cars may be left.

Sat, 30th July


Townclose Hills is a steep sided grassland plateau on Magnesian limestone, important for its rich assemblage of plants. These include clustered bellflower, field scabious and an array of orchids.

Roach Lime Hills is also on the Magnesian limestone, and has benefited from recent scrub clearance work by YWT. Flowers include clustered bellflower, small scabious and spiny restharrow, plus other calcicoles.


10:30 am SE 410 299

Meet in the Kippax Leisure Centre car park on Station Road, c.2km south of the A63, at the above GR.


Participants are invited to make a small donation (£2-3) towards the work of the YWT.

Fri, 5th August


An afternoon circular walk around Horsforth, starting at Anthony and Rita's house and ending there for light refreshments. We shall walk 3-4km, through Whetstone Wood, Ling Bob with its pond and return via North Ives Farm. We should find woodland, grassland and urban species.



1:30 pm SE 237 387

Meet at Anthony and Rita's house. From the traffic lights on the Leeds ring road (A6120), at SE 234 376, turn into Fink Hill. Follow past Morrisons on the right, then take the second left into St. Margaret's Avenue. After c.100m, turn left into Lee Lane East. Towards the end of the road is No.42, a white bungalow on the right. Roadside parking near here or around the corner in St. Margaret's Rd.


Sat, 13th August


Joint Meeting with Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group

A scenic 8km circular walk on permissive paths around the reservoir, with a mix of open areas and woodland plantation. It is a botanically interesting area and we hope to see a good variety of ferns including adder's tongue and beech fern, plus various forget-me-nots including the bollandica hybrid and other wetland and draw-down zone plants.



10:30 am SE 154 574

Meet In the car-park next to the dam, c.2 km north of the A59 Skipton to Harrogate road.

Sat, 3rd Sept.


A looping walk of up to 5km, with a few steep sections, to sample some of the more unusual plants to be found in this area, including dwarf elder, Bilbao fleabane, sweet flag, Chinese bramble and many others. Trees will include single-leaved ash and several species of cotoneaster. If there is time at the end, we shall also look at Balkan spurge and sea fern-grass.

Leader: Andrew Kafel


10:30 am SE 251 217

From the Dewsbury ring road on the eastern side of the town, take the A638 Wakefield Road up Earlsheaton Bank, diverging left almost straight away up Earlsheaton Old Bank and park at the above GR.


Tues, 13th Sept.


This visit to the Sefton coast is much later than our previous visits, and to sites we have not visited before. The saltmarsh flora at Marshside has several rare or local plants, including four species of glasswort, several sea lavenders and oraches. Crosby Marine Park has a spectacular variety of non-native garden-escapes plus dune wormwood, Isle of Man cabbage, and at least four different evening primroses. Easy walking - c.5km.

Leader: Phil Smith


10:30 am SD 353 205

Meet in the Marshside RSPB car park on Marine Drive just north of Southport.


After lunch, we shall move to the car park at Crosby Baths on Mariner's Rd. at SJ 307 988.


Sun, 25th Sept.


We will start by admiring a magnificent holm oak, recently revitalised, before proceeding to Primrose Valley. There are many trees in this area, but of particular interest to us is the collection of planted trees which are of Himalayan origin. These include Himalayan alder, Himalayan hemlock, morinda, Kashmir rowan and cut-leaf crab apple and more.

Leader: Steve Joul


10:30 am SE 343 344

Park on Killingbeck Drive near the small industrial units, at the above GR. This is just off the A64, c.5km NE of Leeds city centre.

* These visits also form part of the BSBI Atlas 2020 Project for VC 63.