Bradford Botany Group

Cromwell Bottom Visit

7th August 2013


Broad Leaved Helleborine

On this very pleasant evening at the Cromwell Bottom reserve west of Brighouse, after the introductory talks in the car park, we shot straight to the Arrowhead in the canal, where we also said “hello dear” to the Canadian Waterweed. The Spotted Medick wasn’t spotted by anyone and, sadly, the Floating Water-plantain eluded us too. The dominant plant along the edge of the canal was Reed Sweet-grass .


On the bank between the canal and the River Calder, Indian Balsam vied with Nettles for dominance, with serious competition from Rosebay Willowherb and thistles. A small Black Spleenwort enhanced the wall of the bridge near the lock; then Broad-leaved Helleborine caught our attention on the grass verge.


Next, we ventured into the bramble-dominated woodland and feasted our eyes on the frequent impressive patches of Round-leaved Wintergreen which, impolitely, stuck out their stigmatic tongues at the rather less impressive Yellow Bird’s-nest which were few in number and past their best.


Andrew then led us along a track to look for the Spreading Meadow-grass along the verge. This was another species which eluded us, possibly overgrown and hidden among the more dominant grasses.


Nevertheless, there had been plenty of interest in the canal and along its banks, and we’ll never forget those amazing Wintergreens.